About Daulatpur

As a small tranquil town and Nagar Panchayat, Daulatpur, also known as Daulatpur Chowk, comes under Una district of Himachal Pradesh. It also falls under Punjab province of Indian sub continent. The entire Una district is famous for its impending industrial development augmented by its proximity to Hoshiarpur district of Punjab state.

Daulatpur Guide

And Daulatpur acts as a transit town to reach the prominent cities of Himachal Pradesh. These cities are Kullu, Manali, Dharamshala, Chintpurni, and Jwalamukhi. There is a 1000 feet long tunnel called Daulatpur Tunnel that connects the small nearby cities as well. Daulatpur town is an important part in Dhauldhar circuit of the state.

History of Daulatpur

As a part of Una district, Daulatpur was also ruled by the several dynasties that conquered this region from time to time. The history of this area began with Jaswan Empire of Kangra and then it was ruled by the mighty Mughals until the Sikhs invaded it. Then, the Gurkhas under Amar Singh Thapa ruled for some time here and they were defeated by the Sikhs again.

History of Daulatpur

But finally, in the mid of eighteenth century, British took over the entire region. Daulatpur remained a part of Hoshiarpur district till November 1966. When Una was declared a separate district in 1972, Daulatpur also came under it. It was notified as Nagar Panchayat (NP) in the year 1979 but the working of this NP started in 1982.

Geography and Climate of Daulatpur

At an elevation of 1709 feet above the sea level, Daulatpur is a serene hilly town. It is located at a distance of 25 km from famous city of Dharamshala. The city has Swan River originating from here while River Sutlej also flows through it in the form of tributary. A bridge has been constructed over this tributary for working as a bypass road. It has a vast area with plains and low hills. The town gives rich yield of cauliflower, potato, brinjal, lady finger, guava, pear, cucumber, black berry, kinoo, and yam.

Geography of Daulatpur

Climate in Daulatpur is Sub Tropical Highland type. It has moderate summers and chilling winters. During the months from November to February, temperature may drop to -3 degrees as well. Monsoon period from July to September is exceptionally pleasant here with moderate temperature and lush greenery cleansed by the rainfall.

Tourism in Daulatpur

Daulatpur mainly serves as a transit city and hence it has lots of natural beauty and sightseeing located around it. The city does not offer too many attractions to the travelers. It has one famous Kali Temple which is a venerated shrine for nearby areas as well.

Tourism in Daulatpur

This ancient temple devoted to Goddess Kali witnesses huge celebrations during Navratris in the months of September - October. It remains crowded with devotees who visit from all the parts of this region during that time. There is also a Shiv Mandir situated in the city. The city also offers pleasant and enriching excursions to places like Mubarakpur, Gagret, Amb, Una, and Chintpurni Devi.

People and Culture of Daulatpur

Daulatpur has high influence of Punjabi culture on its people. Punjabi is the local language of Daulatpur and peoples of this area follow the tradition of both Punjab and Himachal. All the folk dances of Kangra and Una region are followed here. These include Drodi, Dev Nritya, Lasa, Nati, Dangi, Dharveshi, and Chhambha. Chhambha is a traditional dance form similar to Punjabi Bhangra.

Arts and Handicrafts in Daulatpur

Art and Handicrafts of Daulatpur

The area is rich in arts and crafts that include typical handicrafts of Kangra. These include wooden work, paintings, metal work, and some other forms of house hold items made in Gompa style and Kangra style.

Demographics of Daulatpur

  • Area: 5.08 sq km.
  • Population: 3352
  • Literacy rate: 79%
  • Male Literacy: 82%
  • Female Literacy: 76%
  • District: Una
  • Elevation: 521 meters from sea level
  • Official Language: Hindi
  • STD code: 01976
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