Administration in Daulatpur

Daulatpur or Daulatpur Chowk is a Nagar Panchayat in Una district of Himachal Pradesh. It shares the boundaries with Punjab on one side and other cities of Himachal Pradesh on another side. In fact, it is situated on the border line of both these states. It has both the hilly and plain areas along with huge agricultural land. For better administration of this small town, it has a Nagar Panchayat that was formulated in year 1979. It has a President and Vice President as elected members. They are appointed through direct election as per the applicable laws and rules of state government.

Nagar Panchayat Daulatpur

Organization of Daulatpur Chowk Nagar Panchayat

The Nagar Panchayat of Daulatpur is represented by President who heads this administrative body. Next in hierarchy is the Vice President. These two are assisted in their duties by 7 elected members and 3 nominated members.

Functions and Services of Daulatpur Chowk Nagar Panchayat

From erection of light posts to overall maintenance of the town, this Nagar Panchayat is entrusted with all the administrative functions in Daulatpur.

Functions of Daulatpur Nagar Panchayat

  • It collects all taxes like property tax, house tax, water tax, and electricity charges.
  • It repairs roads, street lights points, hand pumps, public taps, and other establishments
  • Construction and maintenance of Rehan Basera
  • Registration of marriages
  • Water and electricity connection and billing
  • Collection of house tax at the rate of 12.5% of the annual value of the buildings
  • Sanitation on roads and public places
  • Solid waste management through disposal of garbage and carcass
  • Sewerage connections and complaints related thereto
  • Issuance of birth and death certificates in the municipal area
  • Approval and final disposal of all the building plans submitted to it
  • Issuance of food licenses

Acts and Rules followed by Daulatpur Nagar Panchayat

The Himachal Pradesh Municipal Act 1994 enacted by State Legislative Assembly governs this Nagar Panchayat as well. This act is related to the functioning, duties, and rights of all municipalities present within the state. As such, this act is completely applicable to Daulatpur Chowk Nagar Panchayat.

Bye Laws from Daulatpur Chowk Nagar Panchayat

There are two by laws established by Daulatpur Chowk Nagar Panchayat for its smooth functioning. These laws are:

Bye- Laws to Regulate Positing of Bills, Hoardings, Advertisements of Nagar Panchayat Daulatpur Chowk
(Regulation of posting of bills and fixing of advertisement hoardings, sign boards etc) Bye-Laws,2013

Nagar Panchayat Daulatpur Chowk (Control and Regulation) of Muck Dumping Bye Laws, 2012

Health Care and Sanitation in Daulatpur

Assets owned by Daulatpur Chowk Nagar Panchayat

The Nagar Panchayat owns 185 street lights, 35 shops, 2 public toilets, 4 public bathrooms, and 210 public taps. It also has one Rehan Basera along with 35 dust bins, parking area for 65 vehicles and two dumping sites.

The Nagar Panchayat has one Secretary Residence, 1 sarai, 1 rain shelter, bus stand building, Nagar Panchayat office building, and 1 tractor trolley.

These assets are required for daily working of this Panchayat and they are also utilized for public services in Daulatpur Chowk.

Upcoming Projects of Daulatpur Chowk Nagar Panchayat

  • New bye laws for buildings
  • Secretary Residence
  • Parking Area development under RGURF
  • Sarai - 7
  • Shops on bus stand

Contact Details of Daulatpur Chowk Nagar Panchayat

President: Mrs Suraksha Thakur
Vice President: Mr. Prsdeep Sharma
Public Information Officer: The Secretary
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